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Posted by Anders Kjellander on 03 May 2013 04:46 PM

SafeConsole and ShieldShare

The unified BlockMaster Server Manual that covers all steps from installation to configuration is included in the packages.

Procedure to upgrade SafeConsole

  1. Stop the SafeConsole service.
  2. Take a full backup.
  3. Uninstall old SafeConsole version.
  4. Install the latest SafeConsole version.
  5. Click through the SafeConsole configurator without making any changes. Do not generate a new certificate!

SafeConsoleReady Devices

Note that your device must be managed by SafeConsole for updates to be applied.

Always take a backup of stored data before applying a update.

Older devices <3.3.1 will need to be reset to be able to work once the update has been applied. 

Apply here for a free SafeConsole trial.

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