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About BlockMaster

BlockMaster’s management team has created encryption solutions that protect millions of devices and it brings integral expertise and knowledge leadership from organizations such as Pointsec (Checkpoint) and Mobile Armour (TrendMicro).

BlockMaster creator of ShieldShare, SafeConsole and SafeStick holds several major patents within encryption, file handling, data leak prevention and antivirus technology.

Founded in 2004 BlockMaster is listed as one of Europe’s fastest growing tech companies by Deloitte.

BlockMaster continuously works to certify it’s solution in several markets as it has with NIST in the US for FIPS140-2 and the CESG in the UK for CCTM. The solutions are regulary pentested.

Serving 1000+ customers in 32 countries

BlockMaster’s users are a part of the thousands of organizations worldwide including Fortune Global 500 businesses, government agencies, police and military that have chosen to protect their privacy and manage their sensitive information.

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Achieved a SC Magazine 5 stars review for SafeConsole in 2011. Ranked top 50 in Deloitte Fast 500 EMEA 2011.

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Kingston Technology, Sophos, RSA

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DELL, TechData, Prosoft

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Chief Security Architect - Leif Billström

Leif is a highly recognized Chief Security Architect and Development Leader. He is a recognized expert in creating innovative endpoint security products with over 20 years of IT security industry expertise. Leif was the Chief Architect for Pointsec’s Full Disk Encryption solution that was ultimately sold to Checkpoint. Pointsec Full Disk Encryption is one of the most widely adopted security solutions in the world with customers from the highest government to the most complex enterprise organizations. Billström has a proven track record of developing winning products in the Security Field such as Disk Encryption, Volume encryption, File and Folder Encryption and USB Virtual File System Encryption and much more. Prior to joining BlockMaster Billström worked as a consultant towards the biggest brands withing IT security to help them succeed with “mission impossible” projects.

Chief Security Officer, CISSP, Co-Founder - Anders Kjellander

Anders is the former CEO and current Chief Security Officer (CISSP) and in charge of fusing BlockMaster strategic direction with the products and marketing. Anders has a Bachelor business degree from Lund University where he met Johan and Daniel.

Advisory Board Member, Co-Founder - Johan Söderström

Johan has an eye on BlockMaster’s technical development. SafeStick the first truly secure USB drive and SafeConsole the first central device management server for secure USB drives are creations that have came to be under Johan’s direction. Johan has a deep insight into information security and has a unique ability to transform ideas and concepts into technical realities. He has MSc degree in computer science from Lund University.

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