ShieldShare Secure File Sharing

The only secure file sharing solution that offers client-side encryption where you hold the key.

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Secure File Sharing Solution Overview

ShieldShare secure file sharing
ShieldShare is a secure file sharing solution that enables end-user productivity with easy, no-hassle, drag-and-drop file sharing and synchronization.

Users can easily collaborate in groups while working on documents and share information. Instead of sending documents or sets of files by email users can now keep all data synchronized with each other using ShieldShare secure file sharing.

ShieldShare secure file sharing vs Other file sharing solutions

ShieldShare is the only secure file sharing solution that offers client-side encryption where you hold the key. Because your data is your business.


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Dropbox alternative lets firms retain encryption keys

Industry Opinion that Establishes the Need for ShieldShare Secure File Sharing

Whenever possible avoid any reliance on cloud providers to protect and appropriately use the keys that protect your critical information… If only you have the keys, only you can access your files.

Source: Security Guidance for Critical Areas of Focus in Cloud Computing V3.0 published by the leading industry organization the Cloud Security Alliance.


Encrypted File Sharing

Offers synchronized file and folder collaboration with automatic decryption and encryption at the endpoints which enables storage in the cloud without the risk of data breaches or compliance issues.

Standard Based Encryption

Enforces true end-to-end encryption of shared data with Public-key Cryptography which enables powerful collaboration even with the most sensitive information as only trusted users on trusted devices can authenticate to gain access.

Key Management

Seamlessly and automatically handles key management to enforce full strength AES256-XTS encryption without additional services or steps required.

Central Administration

Provides administrators with strict control and configuration possibilities as the solution can be fully connected towards directory services (LDAP/AD).

Audit for Compliance

SOX, HIPAA, HITECH, PCI, GLBA compliant with full auditing capabilities of all file, user and administrator actions.

Flexible Deployment

Supports private, public and hybrid deployment models with separation of duties within the solution. Key management and configuration can for instance be kept on-premise and the encrypted storage engine can separately run of any available cloud infrastructure.



Fulfills compliance needs with data security policies and regulations without burdening the users as sharing a file securily is drag-n-drop easy and intuitive.


No need to rely on the cloud service provider to perform and maintain encryption and key management as all data is encrypted on the clients prior to being stored in the cloud.

Central Administration

Reduces the operational costs of enabling internal and external file sharing by providing a powerful central administration tool for managing every aspect of the solution.

Rapid Deployment

Offers rapid deployment of a secure file sharing solution that ensures end-to-end encryption.

End-users Enjoy easy file sharing

ShieldShare is convenient for both the user and the administrator. The organization gets full audit and control over devices and users. The user gets drag-and-drop easy secure file sharing.

of organizations view security as the main cloud adoption concern according to InfoStor.

was the data breach incidents cost for companies per compromised record in 2011 in the United States according to the Ponemon Institute.


The experienced security architects of the ShieldShare secure file sharing solution has previously designed the Pointsec Full Disk Encryption solution which is in use by Alertsec and Checkpoint (whom aquired Pointsec), daily protecting millions of endpoints across all industries. Together the BlockMaster team has decades of experience in creating encryption and storage solutions that meets the highest requirements for government and enterprises and will provide full support if you are interested in scheduling a pen test or in getting to know more about the solution architecture.
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Security, Compliance and Certifications

    • Enforce data at rest encryption on the client with SafeConsoleReady hardware encrypted USB drives enabled as a ShieldShare endpoint (FIPS140-2 certified devices are available).
    • All data being sent and received on the clients is first encrypted and then transferred over a FIPS140-2 certified SSL connection.
    • The ShieldShare solution and specifically the Storage Engine can run on certified infrastructure. As an example it can operate on the AWS GovCloud that covers FISMA, PCI DSS, ISO 27001, SOC 1/SSAE 16/ISAE 3402 (formerly SAS 70 Type II), and HIPAA compliance. The flexibility in deployment provides the capability to use the solution even where local regulation must be strictly adhered. For example by running the ShieldShare Storage Engine with Skyscape in the UK you can ensure CESG IL3 compliance.

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