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BlockMaster has a global reach to customer’s through channel partnerships.

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By partnering with the leading software vendors BlockMaster strives to maximize the customer’s end value of its solutions.

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RSA SecurID® hardware tokens provide “hacker-resistant” two-factor authentication, resulting in easy-to-use and effective user identification. Based on RSA’s patented time synchronization technology, this authentication device generates a simple, one-time authentication code that changes every 60 seconds.
BlockMaster is a RSA Secured Partner and a SecurID Ready authenticator. SafeConsoleReady hardware devices managed by SafeConsole are certified to be used as RSA SecurID authenticators.


Sophos provides a full range of endpoint, encryption, email, web and NAC solutions that are simple to deploy, manage and use. They are endorsed by industry analysts as a leader, and trusted by 100 million users.
SafeConsoleReady Sophos Anti-Virus is an extremely powerful, remotely managed device anti-virus solution. It features industry-leading proactive malware detection and all virus definitions are remotely and seamlessly updated on your devices over the internet.


Ceedo Technologies delivers virtualization solutions that extend the reach of business computing to unmanaged devices such as an employee-owned PC or laptop, low-cost netbook or secure USB storage. By enabling the user’s application workspace to run on any device, Ceedo allows customers to provision teleworkers, temps, contractors and business partners immediately without the need to manage additional desktops or increase their datacenter capacity. Ceedo’s products have been deployed on over 4 million devices worldwide, where they are managed and used daily by consumers, enterprises and service providers.
Ceedo Enterprise virtual workspace can be remotely deployed and managed from SafeConsole.


SafeNet helps businesses protecting their online assets and the people with whom they share an online relationship, by providing two factor authentication solutions.
The automated, autenticated logon you get with Blackshield ID on a SafeConsoleReady Device is a one-of-a-kind experience. BlackShield ID can be used to replace static passwords or add an additional layer of protection just about anywhere a password is used.


NetClean develops technology that stops the spread of child sexual abuse material. Their solutions identify illegal images and videos that are still being distributed on public and corporate networks. The NetClean approach is your strongest safety measure because they stop images from being circulated inside or outside network firewalls. This is why NetClean works with ISPs, enterprises, governments and law enforcements in more than 25 countries.
By working closely with police forces around the world, NetClean achieves the highest understanding of how the globally increasing problem of child sexual abuse material evolves and uses this knowledge to develop world unique solutions to effectively put a stop to it.


Softek are a highly technical Value Add Distributor of IT Security, Email Archiving and Storage solutions to the UK, Ireland and Channel Islands. Softek’s StickApps are zero footprint security and productivity applications that can be centrally deployed, managed and controlled on SafeConsoleReady Devices.
StickApp VPN Client enables secure, authenticated remote VPN access to private networks such as your office network or branches anywhere in the world.
StickApp Password Manager protects your identity from identity theft, by not only encrypting your data but also by safeguarding the credentials that identify you.

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Device Partners

It is possible to manage a selection of secure USB drives utilizing SafeConsole. These devices are powered with BlockMaster technology that classifies them as SafeConsoleReady. Hardware device are available from BlockMaster’s Device Partners and their channel partners.

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