Portable Applications

A SafeConsoleReady Application can be deployed from SafeConsole directly onto SafeConsoleReady Devices over the Internet or a local area network. SafeConsoleReady Applications can then run directly off those devices without leaving traces on the local machine or requiring local administrator rights.

Sophos SafeConsoleReady Anti-Virus

SophosThe SafeConsoleReady Sophos Antivirus is deployed onto existing SafeConsoleReady drives by the SafeConsole server administrator and offers the device end-user a quick and resource effective, on access protection against malware on and off the corporate network. This is the first enterprise mature antivirus solution made available for secure USB drives.
The product is completely transparent to users and is extremely easy to maintain because of the tight integration of the Sophos Anti-Virus technology with SafeConsole. This approach enables customers to reduce administrative and infrastructure costs by eliminating the need for a separate, dedicated virus scanning management console.
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RSA SafeConsoleReady SecurID

RSARSA SecurID® tokens provide “hacker-resistant” two-factor authentication, resulting in easy-to-use and effective user identification. Based on RSA’s patented time synchronization technology, this authentication device generates a simple, one-time authentication code that changes every 60 seconds.
BlockMaster is a RSA Secured Partner and a SecurID Ready authenticator. SafeConsoleReady hardware devices managed by SafeConsole are certified to be used as RSA SecurID authenticators.
RSA SafeConsoleReady SecurID is freely availble to all full SafeConsole customers. Seperate RSA SecurID server and licenses are required.
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Ceedo Secure Virtual Workspace

Secure Virtual Workspace Diagram

Centrally Managed SafeToGo® SMART 2FA with Plug-‘n’-Play Secure Sandboxed Corporate Applications Environment

Using the GD SFS, Ceedo and BlockMaster combined solution your users will be able to invoke their entire remote computing and/or safe browsing environment by simply plugging in their SafeToGo® SMART 2FA encrypted device and start working immediately with zero effort, while you retain complete control over their devices, workspaces, and user-rights.
Note that you will need a SafeToGo SMART hardware and custom software packages from Ceedo to complete a trial of this solution.

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