Majority of Workers Expose Businesses to Malware and Data Loss

76% of Workers Plug Unknown USB Sticks Into Office PCs BlockMaster, a provider of managed secure USB flash drives, today warns that organisations are at risk of unsolicited viruses and malware as 76% of workers plug unknown USB flash drives into company PCs, potentially compromising corporate network security. “This is alarming as many viruses on USB sticks can run as soon as they are plugged into a PC, without user activation and causing widespread... [Read More...]

Top 5 USB Flash Drive Hidden Security Risks

USB flash drives are by a land slide the most popular means of making data portable. Well over 150 000 000 USB drives where sold last year according to Gartner. But standard unsecure USB flash drives unfortunately comes with a line of built in security risks that every user should be aware of. Here are the top 5 hidden security risks with standard unsecure USB flash drives. Followed by our readily available secure USB solution. 1. Delete Does Not... [Read More...]

Governments Lack In Protecting Portable Citizen Information

The hot topic during the government funded Privacy Awareness Week in Australia was portable storage devices. The Privacy Commissioner issued a statement to all government agencies to switch to secure USB sticks. At the same time a report with staggering statistics on portable security was released. Policies are left in the drawer to gather dust Over two-thirds of the agencies in the study had policies in place regarding portable storage security... [Read More...]

Secure USB Flash Drives - 5 Quick Questions and Answers

Administrators at larger organizations face many of the same challenges when it comes to USB security. Solving “the USB problem” has become a critical issue and secure usb flash drives are at the top the agenda for most enterprise and government organization. Emerging threats like the Conficker that attacked unsecure USB sticks added to sense of urgency already present. This post will briefly touch on some of the most common challenges... [Read More...]

SafeStick Features Conficker Killer and Anti-malware

FEATURE SPOTLIGHT Prevent conficker autorun, malware infection. viruses and trojans from spreading over USB into your networks with SafeStick features Authorized Autorun and File Blocker. Problem Conficker has highlighted the danger of standard removable USB sticks. Conficker implants a malicious autorun.inf on removable media as one modus operandum. Any software encryption or protection of the drive will go lost in the process as the Conficker infection... [Read More...]

SafeConsole Streamlines Password Management

FEATURE SPOTLIGHT Organisations using SafeStick with SafeConsole saves costs on password resets. SafeConsole features ZoneBuilder and Remote Password Recovery streamlines password management. If ZoneBuilder is deployed through SafeConsole to users they are able to reset their own passwords in the most efficient manner ever seen. Once the user is authenticated to the user account ZoneBuilder can be configured to reset the SafeStick password if it detects... [Read More...]

Edinburgh incident puts further focus on the USB security problem

Following up on the breach in Edinburgh just days ago Daniel Östner, CEO at BlockMaster commented on the urgency of the USB problem in SC Magazine and Computer Weekly. Östner continued: “This USB problem is one of the most urgent matters for IT departments. That is a statement of fact as 33% of IT staff place it at the top of their agenda. Losing intellectual property on an open, unsecured USB flash drive could be disastrous for any organisation.... [Read More...]

Unprotected enterprise USB number one threat

Eweek has listed the top ten ways employees pose a risk to organizational security. At number one is the proliferation of unmanaged use of unprotected USB flash drive. Choose a secure enterprise USB By using the secure enterprise USB SafeStick from BlockMaster you can counter this threat today.  Read More →

Unsecure drive expose military records

Another incident can be added to the list of sensitive records lost on unsecure USB storage devices. In this case a old MP3-player has been sold in the US and apparently it has been used to store classified information in Afghanistan. This incident further highlights the need for secure USB flash drives with encryption. Read more on  Read More →