SafeConsole Central USB Management

What Is SafeConsole Central USB Management?

SafeConsole enforces full USB management control over an organization’s SafeConsoleReady secure flash drives. With SafeConsole you can enable specific extended features, configure password policies, remotely reset passwords, activate audit for compliance and much more. The SafeConsole server software is accessed through a standard Web browser and can optionally reflect the corporate directory or organizational unit structure. Each managed SafeConsoleReady Device securely connects over the Web to the SafeConsole server for configuration updates set to its specific assigned group.

Why Manage Your USB Drives With SafeConsole?

  • Instantly gain complete and granular control over all your SafeConsoleReady drives.
  • Quickly enforce organization-specific password, usage and storage policies.
  • Remote password reset with a secure challenge-response procedure brings back the locked-down encrypted data that has been stored by the user.
  • Feature rich, with lots of productivity tools and two-in-one features such as a Certificate Carrier and portable application delivery.
  • Rapid deployment with an all-in-one installation that has the power to serve 100,000+ SafeConsoleReady Device deployments. No extra licenses for databases or certificate management are needed, and the server requirements are low (2GB RAM, Windows or Linux). It is optional to reflect an existing corporate directory within SafeConsole.
  • Easy and flexible user self-service rollout of SafeStick. Just plug in and work.
  • Mandatory management available for Kingston DTVP-M and Kingston DT4000-M.

SafeConsoleReady Devices

SafeConsole manages SafeStick, SafeStick SuperSonic, SafeStick FIPS,  Kingston DataTraveler Vault Privacy - Managed, Kingston DataTraveler 4000 - Managed and Autosafe CubeByte DataSafe.

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