BlockMaster is committed on providing first class support for all users.

We highly value your feedback on our products and services.

To check the status of an open support case(ticket) we encourage you to reply to the email you have received and include the case number in the subject.

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Downloads and Updates
Downloads area for SafeStick the secure usb flash drive and the USB security central software SafeConsole.
SafeStick Instructions - Getting Started and Everyday Usage
Quick instruction on how to get started and how to use SafeStick. It is easy:
Just plug it in a USB-port and follow the on-screen instructions.
Troubleshoot and Get Help
Get answers to common support issues or submit a new support ticket if needed. Some of the questions answered here: I have forgotten my password, can you help me? How do I lock SafeStick?
General Questions and Answers
Frequently asked general and security questions. What is SafeStick? Why would I need an encrypted USB Memory Stick? Which chip (micro processor) is used for encryption? How does SafeStick protect against physical tampering?