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FAQ - Common Support Questions and Answers

SafeStick keeps initializing

A minor bug has caused SafeStick 3.X.X to be sensitive towards some computer systems’ USB ports.
Update your software to the latest version (4.0.2) by downloading it from this page »
Updating your software does not require administrative privileges except for the SafeStick BM7741 on Windows XP computers.
If you can not do this or if the problem remains, please follow these steps:

  • Reinsert SafeStick.
  • Reboot your computer
  • Contact support with the above form if problems persist.

Does a firmware upgrade wipe SafeStick?

No, all stored information will remain intact.

I have forgotten my password, can you help me?

Can the hint help you? Take a break and save your password attempts. Ones all attempts are used there is no way to access or recreate any stored information. SafeConsole features Remote Password Recovery and ZoneBuilder needs to be activated from the start to make access possible by these means.
If SafeConsole is not installed the SafeStick needs to be factory reset to continue using it. This procedure does not require administrator privileges except for Windows XP computers. All stored data will be wiped and cannot be recreated by any means available as the storage is completely reset and the encryption keys are destroyed/renewed.

SafeStick stopped working on my computer (works on other computers)?

You might have installed software or mapped a network drive where SafeStick used to be located. SafeStick works perfectly with network drives but if its slot is taken the user has to assign a new slot. Go to the Windows Control Panel and select Administrative tools. Click Computer management and then Disk Management. Click the conflicting network drive or SafeStick drive and assign a new drive letter.

Why does SafeStick not start?

Make sure that the red bright light at the end of SafeStick blinks when the device is inserted into the computer. This indicates that the SafeStick has power to work.
If the SafeStick application does not start the autorun feature might be disabled on the computer. Enable autorun or go to the Windows Explorer and double-click the Login SafeStick volume to start the SafeStick application.

Why can’t I get passed the Welcome dialogue?

Make sure that you comply with the password policy that is displayed in the Welcome dialogue.

Why is my password hint not compliant?

Your password hint resembles your password on to many measure points. Choose a hint that does not contain or resemble your password.

How do I lock SafeStick?

SafeStick locks when it is plugged out, powered down, timed out, locked from the menu or when you log out of Windows.
I get a strange Windows error message when inserting and ejecting SafeStick?
This is probably due to synchronization software on your computer. A software known to cause this issue (on all types of protected drives) is Windows Media Player. Try adjusting the synchronization software.

I’m being told to restart my computer when inserting SafeStick the first time, need I do that?

No, this is not required. Please click ‘No’ when prompted to do this.

Why can’t I copy files larger than 2GB to SafeStick?

This is because memory sticks are always formatted with the FAT file system. FAT does not support files larger than 2GB. We recommend using a file splitter software such as 7-zip. If you want to use larger files without a file splitter, please format the drive to NTFS. You will need to check Microsoft support material in order to do this. Please note that there is a risk of losing data when using NTFS if the drive is not stopped and unmounted as required.

Why can’t I unlock my SafeStick under Mac OS?

In order to get full Mac support you’ll need to have the correct software.
Update your software to the latest version by downloading it from this page »
Updating your software does not requires administrative privileges except for the SafeStick BM7741 on Windows XP computers.

How do I unlock SafeStick under Linux or Mac OS with VMware?

First make sure that your VMware is set to accept all new USB devices that connect.

  1. Insert SafeStick with the emulated Windows running.
  2. Unlock the SafeStick as normal.
  3. Suspend (pause) the emulated Windows.
  4. Access the secure storage under the host operating system.
  5. When you plug out or power off SafeStick will automatically lock.

These steps will enable you to unlock a SafeStick under a VMware emulated operating system (Windows) and then access the secure storage under the host operating system (Linux or Mac OS).

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